Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Aussie Aussie Aussie

Oi! Oi! Oi!

 Today is Australia Day, and with hand held over my heart I say, I AM proud to be an Australian, proud to be the Grandaughter of a gentleman that left our shores and his young family to fight for the freedom we so patriotically covert here in Australia. Proud to be the grandaughter of an amazingly strong woman, who held her family together, raised her own children and the children of others and kept the home fires burning. My grandparents are my heros and I miss them both very much. Thank you both for instilling in me a staunch pride. Pride in what it is to be an Australian.

 Australia to me, is mates standing shoulder to shoulder with mates. A country, where the notion of a Fair Go for all is fostered and nutured by most. That ‘mateship’ has defined who we are as a nation, how we want to live and how we relate to our fellow Australians. In the scheme of things we are a young nation still under construction. I thank those who helped build and set the foundations for our nation, and I pray that those who inherit the fruits of the toil and labour, fed by the blood, sweat and tears of their forefathers, do their ancestors proud. 

I hope that I do my grandparents proud. My grandmother is my inspiration. If I can be even half the woman she was when I die then I shall die a very happy girl.


~Thank you Gran. Thank you Grandad.~

Tonight we'll pack the kids up and head over to Kathy and James' place ~we are new friends, introduced by our children. Hopefully we'll catch the fireworks (hopefully I say...because I hope it won't rain.) The weather has been whipping it up over the last few days. Dust storms, wind, rain and big dark clouds. It IS our cyclone season after all! I just hope the rain hangs off until after the Australia Day celebrations down at the Port. We'll have a good old Aussie BBQ, share a few drinks, a few laughs and foster new friendships.

 Hope everyone has a safe and happy day! 

Cheers all.


Post Script…Crappy upload time. Still ironing out the bugs in my bloggy learning curve. So what was suppose to be a Monday post hasn’t made it to my blog until the early hours of Tuesday morning. I’m still playing around trying to find the right image sizes when posting photos and headers. The dodgy internet  access makes it a little difficult at the moment as well. A cyclone Blue Alert  has been issued in nearby Onslow, so the internet and Foxtel have been having  fits intermittently and shutting down :(

 Tonight was a Great Night and we were blessed with Great Company. The kids (whilst a little reluctant to go in the beginning) all had a fun night. Other kids turned up as the night progressed and being a small community it was not a surprise when kids they knew made an appearance (and kids that I have taught too... Go figure!!!). MissyB was kept busy sharing her love around five beautiful kittens and initially we were kept busy showing her how to love the kittens a little more gently. She was busy all night, gotta be happy about that and I'm pleased to report that both the kittens AND Belle emerged unscathed and un scratched. You rock Belle. Thank you for choosing us as your parents :) We are Blessed.Yes Yes Yes.

Many thanks go out to Kathy, James and Chris ~winks@ Bubbles~LOL…thumbs up guys, nice dinner. xXxXx

SARK <<<  says…letting anger out leaves room to let love in.   <<<<<>  Kathy~smashing that cup let out more than enough anger for me to absolutely LoVe the time we all spent together tonight  :)  Smashing Cups is therapeutic :)

Night Night… 

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