Saturday, February 6, 2010

SOOC Saturday♡♡♡Take Wings and Fly My Love

Joining back in with SOOC Saturday.
Shots taken Straight Out Of Camera~No editing allowed!
After taking a break from blogging...Melody,
from Slurping Life, is back :0)
She has become a Grandmother since we last spoke.
I rejoice in your happiness Melody.
As you greeted your Earth Angel, Melody,
We sadly said goodbye too soon to our little jelly-bean.
Take wings and fly my love, fly on the wings of angel to His arms.
I will see you again when I join you in His company.

This photo made my heart ache in a comforting way.
A few noisy Cockatoos were flying around just before sunset,
there was some fantastic clouds in the sky.
I see wings, I see a light in the heavens.
This photo brings me peace at the moment.
My loss has taken flight.

Drop on over to Melody's and check out
more SOOC shots from some very amazing photographers.

Slurping Life

Thanks for dropping by


  1. Your photo is beautiful! I'm so sorry for your loss.

  2. Beautiful and peaceful my love.
    I continue holding your hand, and bringing you your hot tea, while you lay under your friendship minky.

    All the love in the universe J

  3. beautiful shot of the cockatoo flying from the tree! wildlife action shots are peaceful and inspiring. Have a good weekend!

  4. A stunning picture. A late-term loss is not easy. I am glad that the picture helps a bit.
    I know that when I was going through a VERY difficult times (not allowed to say what, as it would intrude on someone's privacy), I imagined myself as being similar to an eagle, with wings that G-d gave me to keep afloat above the disaster of my life and fly to a future, whatever that would be. At that time I also kept a lovely picture of a bird in fight, nestled in my calander, to give me that extra bit of belief that I could endure.
    May you be comforted for your loss.

  5. This shot is AWESOME ~ and ((hugs)) :(

  6. So sorry to hear of your loss J. But what a beautiful shot. May it bring you comfort.
    From another one who's 'been there'.

  7. lovely picture
    very very sorry to hear about what you have been through

  8. beautiful Picture Jewelz. You have been on Rach and mines hearts and minds...

    praying for peace and comfort for you and yours.

  9. That is a truly beautiful shot.

    I am sorry for your loss. I have gone through this too.

  10. Oh my. I came over here from Melody's because I always love your pics and posts, and when this picture came up, it took my breath away. And then, when I read your words, it took my joy away. I went down to your next post and felt my heart break for you. But what a beautiful capture... I think I would call it "Breaking Free"....

  11. Peace. This image is peace, so beautiful.

    More hugs.