Saturday, February 6, 2010

Sad Heart

Just a brief update.

What picture will be 'the right' picture?

Like it really matters!

I've opened my Blog Page so many times, then shut it because I don't know
how to put my words together eloquently enough.
So, I'll just write it down and go from there.
We were hoping to announce to you all this week, that we had made it through the first trimester of our pregnancy...and that the last member of the Byrne's Brood
was well on their way.
Sadly, our little jelly-bean was not destined to be held in our arms,
instead they will remain in our loving hearts and in thoughts of 'what could have been'.
I was admitted to hospital last Monday after having a miscarriage.
The world keeps spinning and things go on....doesn't stop me/us from being very very sad.

I'm around...just a little quiet


  1. Jewelz, no words can take away the pain. I just wish I was there with you to hold you & see you thru, & help in anyway I could. Much love to you darling......

  2. Jewelz...

    The miles truly seem like miles right now. I wish the hug would stretch and the tears could be shared.

    I knew...

    I knew when I didn't hear from you in awhile. But it didn't stop me from being grateful for the little perfect life you created.

    So very sorry to have to wait longer to meet your babe. I'm sure Gracie will keep them until we meet.


  3. No words can express my sympathy. I send love from across the world. It may not ease the pain, but know that I understand your sadness. take care of yourself.

  4. Mum (Linnee).....I wanna come home :0( I don't want to be here anymore. I want my 'Mum' hug.

    Rach, Auds and there is my dear Lisa supporting me via email behind the scenes, thank you for your love and support. I feel it across the miles and am grateful for the love and support you girls are sending me.

    I'm sad BUT I am blessed. Thank you


  5. ...and my mum was a long way away when I went through this too. Mum hugs help with everything I think.....
    Love from here also.

  6. I am just so sorry, Jewelz. There are no words in these situations, just hugs, and tears, and prayers. Imagine a little package filled with all of those, winging its way to you from me.

  7. Know that you are in my heart and prayers. Hugs and love.