Tuesday, February 9, 2010


Short but sweet.
I have bloggers block.
What would you like to read/see next time you return to my blog!
Oi...be nice ;0)

Throw me a line here PAHLEEEEEEEEEEZE!



  1. ........I'll be back to give it a go a little later today, I have insomnia....it's 3am in the morning for goodness sake!
    {{{SIGHS}}} ;0)

  2. I'd love to hear about your art. What are your favourite art project to teach.
    Hope you are well.

  3. Hey Jewelz... would appreciate art and scrapbooking ideas - you might even start an online business!

    We are heading off back east this week to begin our next adventure of 'searching for home' - hopefully somewhere around Byron Bay - so my spare time will be taken up for a while, but I will be around. Good luck and cheers...

  4. Jewelz,

    I went to the mailbox today on the way to grocery shopping.
    It is absolutely perfection, beautiful, and I am never taking it off!

    I love you!

    All the love in the universe from me to you.

    I hope your heart and soul is mending and I look forward to a lengthy email from you. Catch-up over a big fat cup of coffee, steaming our faces whilst we type.

  5. Jewelz, I don't come here often, certainly not often enough. I see a link from you on SOOC Saturday, or perhaps a comment on Rachel's blog. But I know that when I do come here, I love it. And when I saw your blog listed on someone's blogroll, I thought "I need to say Hi to Jewelz!" Now I see that it's been nearly a month since you posted, and I am sad. Please know that I'm lifting you up in prayer, knowing that you are in the process of gathering up the pieces of your broken heart and trying to put them back together again. And knowing that there will always be a missing piece, which makes it so very hard to do that. I do hope at some time you're able to come back here and to share your art, your photography, and the "you" that others love.