Sunday, January 3, 2010

What's a girl to do........

.........when all she wants is freshly squeezed orange juice?

Juice some oranges of course


You didn't actually think anyone else was gonna get in the car drive to the shop,
buy some oranges then come home and juice them for me did you???

No...neither did I!

I did however, thoroughly enjoy my glasses of freshly squeezed juice.

What did you enjoy today?

I also enjoyed breakfast with the family.
down at a cafe overlooking Brighton Beach,
even if they did cram all NINE of us onto three weeny tables squished together!



  1. Oh you have won my heart absolute fave FRESH SQUEEZED OJ...I never do that!!
    I should treat myself right? many oranges to get a full glass of it?

    Yes missum we must cut down on our caffeine!

    All the love in the universe J and little "L"

  2. Oh it was SO good....I sat and pined for it for ages, Juzz came home from the shops MINUS oranges and I couldn't let it go. I jumped in the car and headed down the road grabbed a BIG bag of Oranges. I think I used half of a three kg bag and I gulped my way through two glasses of juice and still had a heap of juice left for the morning (I did have to threaten everyone with bodily harm if they went near my freshly squeezed juice though LOL) I was like the little red hen, they didn't help gather the oranges OR juice them SO they were not going to partake in the spoils of my hard work teehee!!!
    I just want to add here we do NOT need to cut back on our caffeine we??? We are just widening our opportunities to sit down and have a chin wag by adding freshly squeezed juice to our repertoire of drinks :0) can I get an 'OH YEAH'!!!
    Little 'L' sends All the Love in the Universe back to you Aunty Lisa :0)
    as always, do I.