Tuesday, January 5, 2010

☼A Guest Post on True Story Tuesday☼

Hi Guys

I'm Belle.
I'm the baby of the Byrne's Brood
and today I am Mumma's guest blogger

So, since I've been on holidays,
I've discovered there are a few rules of thumb to follow
when you go to the beach with BOYS!

Boys ALWAYS show off,
especially when there might be girls watching!

Sisters are handy props if you want to impress the beach babes!

They'll toss you around,
just to show the other girls that their muscles are
NOT just for show!

One of the most important lessons I learnt is....

When they ask you to help them dig a hole

They nearly ALWAYS have ulterior motives

...and when they say hop in, alarm bells should be ringing!

Yes, I ended up buried right up to my neck!
At least my Brother was thoughtful enough to let me borrow his glasses,
just so I wouldn't get sand in my eyes!

It could have been worse though....seriously


Oh yeah this next shot is exactly what it looks like!
{{Mumma, why are you covering your eyes?}}

This is what they did to my Sista
(as opposed to my Sissy in the first shots)

My Dad and my Brother think they are
SO funny!!!!!

Mumma says it's what an Aussie might call a map of Tassie!
(Mumma won't explain further, she says you have to google it, what ever googling is?)

Oh and lastly, I discovered that it doesn't matter how loudly or how often you yell HELP,
If you're buried up to your neck in the sand and your Dad and Brother are standing over you laughin' their butts off, these guys will not help you!
APPARENTLY they only save you if you're drowning or in trouble IN the water!
Life Savers, yeah right!!!!
Just drive on by guys, just drive on by!


Now pop on over to Rachel and Mr Daddy's
for some other
stories that will have YOU laughin' you butts off



  1. She is an A-DOR-ABLE sunbather!

    Loving the photographs - what a good sport!

    Somehow I don't think she minded being buried in the sand for a bit? At least she looked classy in the meantime? :)

    What a little darlin!

    Thanks for linking up and Happy Tuesday!

  2. Oh my gosh! I LOVE your pictures. They are BEAUTIFUL! How fun! I am only a TEENSY bit jealous of your sun and sand... It is so cold here today. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

  3. Her little face in the sand is so cute. I love her name.

  4. Oh Jewelz you tell that son of yours that I wasn't even there to watch him do that flip and this girl is soooooo impressed.

    Your family is beautiful!

    Oh little Belle you and Taiga-boo-boo would get along like two little peas-in-a-pod.

    You look like you are having a miraculous time.

  5. Hahahahaha! What, no comments about the "bush baby"? That TOTALLY cracked me up, sistah, seriously! I loved the "anatomically correct" version of a sand sculpture. Your little Bella is a very sweet and tolerant girl to deal so kindly with those terrible boys! Momz is pretty cool, too, I must say.......

  6. Oh Pam...you just HAD to go there didn't you? You said BUSH!
    Anatomically correct right down to the nipples....I was trying to get them to pop a few sea shells on but noooooooooo, Tess would laugh as Josh carefully moulded her nipples, then she did literally 'crack up'! Josh kept telling her to stop laughing, then he would smooth out the cracks and go back to carefully moulding the nipples, at which point Tess would laugh some more!!! {{sighs}}} It just seemed to go down hill from there!

    Thanks to all for the complements on the super cute kids...I'll let you in on a secret, looks can be terribly deceiving sometimes :0)

    Rach, they were all having a ball. Our beaches in Hedland aren't quite so nice as here in Adelaide. We're all taking full advantage of them I can tell you!

    Lisa...PAHLEEEEZE my friend, he needs NO extra encouragement! :0)
    You are right about Bella and Taiga...they are so very similar. Can't wait till they get to hang out together...one day! I vow♡♡♡♡one day!
    All the Love In the Universe from Me to You.

    Cheers All

  7. Okay, I have to admit I missed the nipples and had to back up and take a peek. LOL That is hilarious. I can't imagine laying still while someone was doing that to me either. Great story. And, along with everyone else, adorable kiddos!

  8. Great photos but honestly those first few of brother jumping over/on and throwing sister are a tad bit scary!

  9. Now that is funny right there, I don't care who you are....

    And I am Soooooooo glad that Pam D. went before me. and I am not going to say any more than that lest I be thought a perv or lecher....ROFL

    Really good to have you back blogging, missed your stories... and pics

  10. Julie, I suppose it is a tad scary to watch if you don't know his background. Josh dances and his specialty is arial work and lifting! Jordy and Josh were in Rock Eisteddfod productions. He practiced with his sister. He's a bit of a show pony! He started working on a tramp at age four and at 15 he is just as comfortable in the air as he is on the ground almost :0)
    I have to admit I hold my breath when I see him practicing a new arial....but he's a bit of a perfectionist and prefers to nail a move before he shares with anyone he's not training with, So all the nail biting moments are over before I get to see them!

    Oh Mr Daddy, thanks for the welcome back and thanks for making me feel missed :0) as for you and Pam D all I am going to say is HUSH....we went to the beach again yesterday and a large woman was sunbathing in quite brief bather bottoms....and I could see HER Bush Baby dropping outta her ummm, well that's the term that came immediately to mind, I was cursing you Pam...because I would NOT have Laughed Out Loud had you NOT planted the Bush Baby thought it my mind {{{{stifles inappropriate laughter}}}} Bwahahahahahahahahahaha

    Just off to find some mind floss..............

  11. How cute!!! Could she be more adorable?! What a fun blog... I am going to take a look around!

    Mrs. Nurse Boy