Monday, October 12, 2009

✩✩✩Letters of Intent.....the second installment✩✩✩

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A Letter From One Woman To Another,
From One Mother To Another!


Why You picked a fight with the Wrong Girl!

If you had sat down and talked to me woman to woman,
perhaps you would have taken a moment or two to really think about
what you'd proposed to do, what you proposed to initiate!

One of the issues I had with you Carole Helen Leanne Colvin/Nelson/Gibson,
was the way in which you came after me. With no regard to how your actions would effect your partner's children, their emotional state, their futures or their relationships with their father!
Or did you?
Did you know exactly what you were doing when you came after me and when you came after their home? Did you know the rift you would create?
Hmmm, I believe you most certainly did.
I know when people separate, assets are reviewed and reasonable settlements 'in fairy land' are the objectives of couples. With this in mind..I believe that the best interests of the children need to be considered above and beyond those of the parents first and foremost!
Carole, who's interests were you focusing on? In who's best interest were the 'demands' that you put to me, on behalf of Murray, via a lawyer of course?
Not the kids that's for bl@@dy sure!

Let me just lay down a little background information here for you Carole...because perhaps you acted the way you did out of ignorance for the situation rather than just pure ignorance!!!! Hey I'm willing to give anyone the benefit of the doubt! {**coughs~bullshit~coughs**}
See, with Murray working away on the mine sites 6,7,8,9,10 weeks at a time, he didn't really have a need for our family home in Salisbury Street.
Add to that the fact that when he was home on break for his week off, he lived at your place, (~Hey, how did Centrelink feel about that? With you claiming the single parents benefits because you were separated and all OH and because of course wouldn't work...your children needed you right??? Besides, God forbid you might break one of those hideously painted claws if you worked!!!!~)
Oh wait, that's right, you asked his sister to lie for you didn't you?
She said he lived with her didn't he?
So Centrelink probably were duped into thinking you were being above board with them!
Anyways...I digress.

...continuing back ground information....

See, had this house been a house Murray and I had hunted around for, fallen in love with, brought and started to raise our family in, I would have sold it in a flash, split the cash as the courts directed or even come to an out of court settlement with Murray.
You had NO RIGHT to stick your pointy a$$ beak into that arena.

Not when my kids are the fifth generation of MY FAMILY to have called this lump of bricks and mortar home!

This IS my children's home, it IS my home, my mother, my grandparents and my great grand-father all called this home.
It was bought with a Returned War Serviceman's Loan
in 1947 for £3000.00

♡♡This is my Grandparents on their wedding day♡♡

You had NO right to ask, NO~ demand I sell the home.
Or pay you...eeerm sorry..Murray, some $30,000.00 in 30 days or you'd petition the courts to sell it!!!!!
Your gall enraged me.
Now the rage is replaced by pity...pity that you are driven by the need to accumulate material any expense!
Your push....cost him his life.
That dark dog named Death
always comes back
and lays at your feet doesn't it Carole?
How does that make you feel?
Do you see Murray's dead face, when you close your eyes laying in that bed he paid for at night? Under the roof he paid for...with his life?
How does that sit with you Carole?
It would only be a problem if you actually had a conscience though I suppose?

Something I know you knew...
The house was not mine free and clear.
When my Grandma was purchased from my Mother, Aunts and Uncle.
It had a mortgage against it.
With everyones express knowledge that the house.
no matter what the future held...was a non negotiable!
My Children were always going to be able to call it home.

I was never going to be the money grabbing ex-wife. I did not expect Murray to cover the entire mortgage.
So with a five year old, a four year old and two and a half year old,
I went back to teaching full time!
Whilst you lived in a property, did not work, received money as maintenance from the fathers of your children, received the single parents benefit from the government AND spent Murray's money as it suited you, keeping a roof over YOUR children's heads!

God forbid Murray support his children during this time!
Why were you entitled to money for your children,
but I wasn't?
Well as far as you were concerned anyway!

From Woman to Woman,
From Mother to Mother,
What was going through that vacuous head of yours?
Was it greed?
Such a deadly deadly sin, and clearly not always deadly simply for the sinner as this little act of greed turned out!
That poisonous yearning, to accumulate 'stuff', predominantly money though right?
At any/or all cost!
How does that dark dog feel at your feet Carole? Comforted yet?

Why in the world would you want to displace Murray's children?
( know what, I know it was all about me ;0)...girl you were so insecure weren't you tisk tisk tisk)
{{{...shakes head...}}}

At this point I want to thank you for the five year legal battle you initiated...heck Murray couldn't renew his drivers licence without help from the current 'woman' running his life at any particular time! Damn if I didn't gain an incredible amount of intestinal fortitude as a result of what you put me through!
I know you were playing puppet master.
Didn't quite work out how you planned it though did it?
Even getting your Father to write a false statutory declaration stating Murray owed him money, so Murray could put in a debtors petition for bankruptcy didn't quite pan out how you planned did it? By the way, loved the way your father couldn't show up in Court to answer to my lawyer!
Suppose that's just part of how we were able to partition the Federal Court of Australia and eventually over turn the bankruptcy in the Family Court of Western Australia!

That's why today...I still call this house...HOME!
You never stood a chance you poor dolt?
If only you had sat and taken the time to talk to me
Woman to Woman.
Mother to Mother.
Perhaps your husband would still be alive today!
Perhaps my children would still have a man in their lives they could call Father.

Encouraging him to work for Drillcorp out of Mauritania in West Africa, to avoid both child support AND the court costs that were ordered against Murray, may have gotten him out of paying the debt he was responsible for, and it may have left me to cover the $50,000.00 court costs Murray was ordered to pay, as Murray was not residing in Australia.... but it was far more costly than I suppose you ever imagined wasn't it?
Girl...I bet you didn't see his death coming did you?
Probably just like he didn't see the mosquito that gave him the deadly strain of Malaria coming either?
Can you remember how he looked lying in his coffin?
I can't....and for that I'm grateful.
I remember him alive and vibrant, a glorious pain in the a$$ at times...but I remember him alive. Thanks for threatening to sue the funeral home if his children or any members of his family turned up to say their goodbyes to him!
I'm truly grateful, his father, family members, friends and children hold a pleasant picture of their son and father and friend in their hearts!
Thanks for exerting that control...I think it worked out for the best :0)

Also I give thanks, that through this all, this man came in to their lives.

(we'd been seeing each other a few months at the time this photo was taken)
A night at the circus...what a treat!
They have THIS Man
who they call

Also, as a FAMILY we welcomed this beautiful little one into our world
three years ago now
(but you already know that because you saw my beautiful family
at Murray's funeral didn't you? That's right!)

Man I have a lot to thank you for Carole.

♡♡Lord, I am Blessed♡♡

Thank you
because of your interfering selfish greedy self centered actions,
I have all I have today

♥♥I am blessed♥♥

♡WE are blessed♡


Letters of Intent


  1. i am so, so sorry that you have had to go through all of this. i hope writing this letter was good for you; it definitely helps me when i need to bleed off some of the pressure.

    this new wife of your ex-husband sounds like a first class, slimy, money-hungry bitch. i'm sorry for you and your children that they lost their father - and that your heirloom house was in jeopardy. i hope that all of your worst days are behind you. and your children? are gorgeous!

  2. Wow, didn't know how to comment on the first one, LOL still not really sure on this one. But I will take a stab at it.

    Rach's Dad is one of the best things in her life, and she was two when he came into it. (I have never met her father, and don't care to) But I would be a lesser man to have not met her Dad and he not be a part of our lives.

    Great finish to an ugly story....

    You are Blessed

  3. Jewelz I Love you!

    I just saw this post and I love you more for being strong, beautiful, a great Mommy, a great friend, a wonderful wife, a caring human being, funny, coffe loving, awesome, courageous, talented, amazing human being!

    All the love in the universe from me to you.

  4. Jewelz your a bloody legend!! think your great! i'm sorry. love you xx