Sunday, October 4, 2009

A b ...................explained :0)

LMAO....ok this post made NO sense.
Because it was cyber gremlins playing games,
whilst I was away on a brief trip to a tiny sea-side town with the family :0)
I was using my Hubby's iPhone to send an email to my friend Lisa
to let her know where I had disappeared too...and how I'd miss SOOC Weekend AGAIN! {{{sighs}}}
I tried to post a quick ....Normal Programing Will Resume Soon message
however...the iphone had other ideas.
I could get into the title box but I could get no further!!!
I tried and tried to get into the message box and nothing.
So I gave up in disgust and resigned myself to being MIA! I didn't post ANYTHING I SWEAR!
Home today and Lisa has left me a message :0) {Luv ya Bub♡} trying to make heads or tails of the seemingly cryptic message LOL
When I check in and there is a cryptic message from Lisa..I followed it to the post
[this post]
and viola...cryptic no more.
It wasn't a message, it was a failed attempt to post.
Lisa your sense of humour makes me smile widley.
Thanks for winging it with me Girl :0)

Back tomorrow with a few photos and a catch up post.

Thanks for dropping by.


  1. c, d, e, f, g ?
    or six-pack?


  2. I am so richer for having met you, thanks for coming into my life.
    How blessed am I.

    Hopefully one day we may sit face-face having coffee together, giggling and feeling full of all the pie we have ate.

    Hugs and all the love in the universe from me to you.